Beach Cruising In Jax Beach

Beach Cruising in Jax Beach

Monday, February 15, 2010

Beach cruising with my Valentine

It was finally nice enough to break out the beach cruisers this weekend! My Valentine and I took advantage of the sunny day on Jax Beach yesterday and did a little Vday beach cruising. It was still pretty chilly while cruising but we had an awesome time just being back on the bikes.
Didnt notice anything new or crazy, just a normal bike ride around Jax Beach and I loved it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bummer for Beach Cruising

Bummer of a cold season, it's been too cold/rainy/windy to be beach cruising around Jax Beach recently. Instead of cruising I've just been blogging about it instead, it's getting depressing, I miss my beach cruiser!
I saw a guy the other day beach cruising down first street and at first I was so jealous of him until I realized how miserable he looked trying to cruise against the cold wind.
I was hoping for a chance to cruise this weekend but it just looks like more rain and cold is on the way, maybe next weekend will be better cruising weather....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beach cruising benefits

Beach cruising is not only a good time, it's also beneficial to your health and mother nature. Instead of driving your car to local businesses-buy locally think globally- riding your beach cruiser to the store, bar or wherever is a good way to get your heart pumping and save some gas.
Beach cruising in jax beach provides ample access to tons of sick local places. Whenever we're having a super lazy weekend, hopping on the beach cruisers is the best way to liven up our day and get out of the house. Beach cruising to a friends house is also a good time on the weekends, staying in touch while staying in shape.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Best places for beach cruising

While I never get bored of cruising the beaches on my bike, every now and then it's fun to go to new places on your beach cruiser. Here is a good link to a bike trails site in the Jacksonville area.
My boyfriend and I took the beach cruisers to Hanna Park a couple of months ago and had a really good time cruising around. The bike trails were hard to read on their map though, so cruise with caution, some of the trails are super advanced and better for mountain bikes, not beach cruisers.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad Beach Cruising Day

In my opinion, the best and worst day to be on a beach cruiser is the 4th of July. On this day in particular hordes of townies flood Jax Beach on rented beach cruisers combined with every single beach resident with a cruiser out cruising that day too makes the roads too hectic to safely enjoy cruising.
In the last four years I have yet to see a 4th of July pass without crashing my beach cruiser. Now I won't say that alcohol couldn't have played a part in the crashes too, but all of the incidences occured due to a massive group of cruisers clogging the way. I obviously survived them all, nothing more than a scratch and bruise or two, but I've definitely seen way worse happen to friends or people I pass. So cruise with caution!
Of course there's loads of benefits to riding a beach cruiser around on the 4th. Compared to sitting in the ridiculous traffic, fighting for a parking spot and worrying about DUIs, beach cruising is definitely your better option. Plus, you can ride your cruiser on the beach and enjoy the view and festivities going on.

Most random thing I've seen while beach cruising

I'll give my most random sighting while beach cruising to the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. While cruising on a Wendesday night through a small Neptune Beach neighborhood with one-way roads, out pulls the world famous weirnermobile honking and making my day! Random, yes.
I've definitely seen my fair share of characters and weird events while on the beach cruiser, but this one always stands out in my mind since I was never expecting to run into the weinermobile while on a bike.
Feel free to post any random sightings you've encountered while beach cruising too...

Beach Cruiser Basics

For those of you who don't know anything about beach cruisers, they feature balloon tires (wider tires) for an easier ride in the sand, an upright seating posture and single-speed mechanics. They're super durable and can withstand pretty much any punishment you or the outdoors throw at them, although I don't recommend letting the rain get to them too many times, they will start to rust. Generally, they're much cheaper than other types of bikes too making them the all-around perfect beach cruising experience.

There's basic beach cruisers and then there's the real deal custom cruisers. From a low rider design, custom paint jobs and loads of acessories, it's easy to make your cruiser an extension of your personality.

A few essentials are necessary to make the most of your beach cruising experience. Bike baskets are my personal favorite, from toting drinks to dogs they'll hold it all. Metal bike baskets are best, wicker baskets tend to get busted if you crash and whatnot.
Cup holders are also an awesome addition to your beach cruiser, they're easy to attach and most have insulated liners to keep your drink cool while you cruise. Bells and horns are a sometimes fun/sometimes obnoxious accessory for your bike as well, not completely necessary though. Lastly, a padded bike seat cover is a good way to make sure you're riding in comfort all day long.

Adventures while beach cruising in Jax Beach

Welcome to my blog about beach cruising in Jax Beach and the surrounding beaches! Any true beach dweller knows that the best way to get around is on a beach cruiser, not only is it fun, active and safer than driving after a few brews, but you also get to see a lot of cool stuff on the way. Feel free to share any of your experiences while cruising here too.